About us

Glassworks ShowyGlass focuses on environmental protection and every glass product we make is 100% recyclable. Our glass is both hand-made, which allows us to create one-of-a-kind pieces and assembly-line produced, which allows us to manufacture homogenous products in larger batches. Our designers can envision almost any shape, which we follow by creating unique glassware – whatever you need: bottles, vases, pots, jars and decorative pieces for your home and garden.

Your vision is our creation.

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ShowyGlass offers only top quality products:
Decorative glass, glass tiles, glass tiles, glass pavements, jars, bottles, pots, lamps and more.
Our glass products are durable, safe and what’s really important, ecological.
Would you like to be surprised by the brilliance of glass?

Any size & shape
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ALWAYS INNOVATIVE AND CLASSY With us, your outdoor spaces will shine like a diamond!