About us

From recycling to the art of glass.

Decorations for outdoors and more

Artglas – the beginning

Furnace in glass factory

Our recycling business started in 2002 under the name of Artglas Recycling. Originally, we were working with float glass, but we wanted to grow, therefore we branched into automotive glass and packaging glass, which expanded our range. A few years later, in 2013, we started to produce and distribute glass meal. Our business makes us one of the most versatile companies in the Polish recycling industry, of which we are enormously proud.

Entering the market

We are proud to consider ourselves one of the leaders in the recycling industry in Poland. Our business had been experiencing dynamic development, which allowed us to enter the German market by the end of 2013, where our services were quickly appreciated, thus raising our company’s prestige. We are highly regarded not only by domestic customers, but also by foreign clients. We are delighted to be able to meet their expectations daily, providing them with products that are eye-catching and versatile.

Our business partners value us primarily for the professionalism of our services – at every stage of our cooperation, we pay attention to even the smallest detail. We want our products to meet all the requirements and expectations of our customers.

Our strengths

We strive to be versatile, therefore we work effectively and efficiently. Our business is not limited to the acquisition and treatment of glass waste. We endeavor to make the best use of our products. In 2017, our company created the ShowyGlass brand. By recycling glass to create glass art, we create a backdrop for the backyard and more. The idea behind the creation of the company was the production and sale of decorative materials for home and gardening, and this was the reason for our creating glass cubes characterized by extreme hardness and no sharp edges, making them safe even for children. Decorative glass for gardens and rooms does not shatter like common glass pieces. Our products are perfect when used as the original sidewalk decor, glazed glass or decorative wall. With glass decorations provided by us, you can turn your garden into a true masterpiece that will be admired by all passersby.

Each of our products is made to order – your only limitation is your imagination. You are free to design your own pattern and we will always make it to exactly match your order. We do our best to ensure that all products leaving our factory are of the highest quality. We maximize both the effectiveness and the visual appearance of our raw materials. Customer satisfaction with the products we offer is our highest priority. With us, you can get to know the unusual application of glass not only at home but also in your garden and other places you live.



Always innovative and classy with us, your outdoor spaces will shine like a diamond!