Fabulous Outdoor Decorating Ideas

A glimpse of glass beauty that delights and impresses. Glass can sparkle stronger than diamonds, especially if it is part of your four walls or backyard. It will give you a luxurious feeling and will attract the attention of the guests, delighting them regardless of situation.

Let us beguile you with our products. Appreciate their quality, innovation and completely natural beauty. Use it as an alleyway decor, for gabions, glass pavements and even an ornamental wall. Create your own unique vision by creating the space you dream of.

And finally – enjoy it for a long time, because due to the highest durability and quality of glass, our product will last for years to come.

Glass sparkles harder than diamonds because it must prove it is better. Therefore, we are sure that you will appreciate the highest quality of our products.

We have great ideas how to decorate your backyard and more – you can use our products to enhance the look of the path to your house, as glass gabion rocks or as a decorative wall. The only limit is your imagination.

We use only natural ingredients, which meet a number of quality standards, all in order to take care of the environment. It is important for all of us to realize that production can be based on ingredients that are of natural origin. This is how we create every product. By putting our products into your hands, we know we have done everything we could to live in harmony with the natural environment.
We have taken care to maximize the longevity of our products. That's why they are extremely durable - they have one of the highest Mohs hardness ratings, making them strong and resistant to crumbling. Popular glass nuggets that you can find everywhere probably look nice, but unfortunately, they will not last long. Our products have such a high hardness that they do not yield to any pressure. Use them in any way you want and see for yourself they have the best possible durability.
It is worth noting that unlike competing solutions, our final products have no sharp edges, which makes them completely safe. If you are concerned that your child may be harmed by sharp glass, then opt for our products. We guarantee perfect smoothness and once again what we cannot emphasize enough - safe edges.
Our products are totally universal, so they will shine with their brilliance over the years. Regardless of the purpose of use and the space in which they will be used, they will always look original and elegant - pleasing the eye of anyone who will look at them. You can use them in many ways, and the only limit will be your imagination. Think of them for outdoor use, where the glow of sunlight adds even more charm to the glass products and in the room where you can choose to use lights to enhance their beauty.
We professionally treat glass obtained in the process of recycling, which allows our products to be personalized - depending on the needs of the customer. We will always meet your requirements and fulfill your wishes. If you want to use glass for gabion baskets and highlight the whole - no problem. Lay our glass cubes on the sidewalk, built a glass wall foundation and boast of the beautiful finish of your space. Whatever you want, we have it - in any color you want!

ALWAYS INNOVATIVE AND CLASSY With us, your outdoor spaces will shine like a diamond!